Alberto Barrios, Inesco Executive VicePresident: “This is a huge commitment to the development”

Inesco has a long track record in Bolivia in the electromechanical erection of gas plants and electric power generation, and therefore, we are leaders in the field. Our experience, combined with high capacity and quality of the staff who accompanied us, ensures the success of our endeavors, as it has been happening. In this sense, the second quarter of this year we started the electromechanical erection of Margarita Plant, initiating a new challenge to tackle, referring not only to the technical complexity of the work, but also the importance of developing this project means for our country.

Participate in building the largest Gas Project in recent years in Bolivia means a strong commitment to the development of the oil industry, and contributing to the growth of Bolivia and simultaneously strengthens leadership of Inesco on this type of developments. In our building of Margarita Plant CPF, we have the erection of 1600 tons of pipes, 2500 tons of equipment, 300 tons of structures, two tanks of 32,000 barrels each, and the electrical and instrument of the plant. We currently have 550 people affected to the project, including a significant percentage corresponds to the habitants of the area of the project, which is being trained through courses of our company, with the stated objective of contributing to local development and by extension the whole country.

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